Create.  Innovate.  Stand Out.

Our opinions, at Inquizo, are many, but regular listeners to our message will find that it is buttressed by exhaustive research and thoughtful insight.  From our workshops to our workbooks, Inquizo instruction is aimed at garnering real strategic advantage for your business and those that implement your strategic vision.

Through Inquizo, businesses flourish because they gain greater clarity and insight into “why” they do what they do — and “how” to go about changing behaviors that, once made habitual, lead to success.

Michael Hvisdos

Dynamic, transformational leader who teaches people and businesses how to achieve their full potential.
Michael is a proven EVP, COO and VP of Sales & Marketing with global experience that knows how to develop and deliver sustainable revenue and profits on a global basis for Fortune 500 and startup organizations. Full accountability for all corporate, development, marketing, strategic, financial (P&L) and operational aspects of running businesses. Proven track record securing over $100 MM in financing for projects and equity (internal and external) to support startup businesses and new business platforms. Experience partnering with and managing investors, shareholders, and Board of Directors.

Janet Gerhard

Insightful and impactful speaker and leader whose instruction helps businesses achieve dynamic results.
Janet has extensive experience transforming the way the organization — from the C-suite to the front lines — understands and manages the customer experience. By analyzing and strategically changing how organizations deal with their customers, Janet has a proven history of success helping clients improve customer loyalty and profitability, thereby driving top-line growth and bottom line results.