Get Curious.

Curiosity has been defined as the “disposition to inquire, investigate or seek after knowledge; a desire to gratify the mind with new information or objects of interest; inquisitiveness.” With curiosity a prerequisite for high performance, how do you create a team, or better yet an organization, of highly curious individuals?

It is our position that trait curiosity is critical to the new age of sales, and has an increasingly important role in business success. While there are many environmental factors inside organizations that nurture or suppress an individual’s curiosity, very little has been done to help managers identify curious people. Moreover, we see little evidence organizations have done anything to improve curiosity levels across the business.

 That is until NOW…we’ve closed this gap.

Michael Hvisdos

Dynamic, transformational leader who teaches people and businesses how to achieve their full potential.
Michael is a proven EVP, COO and VP of Sales & Marketing with global experience that knows how to develop and deliver sustainable revenue and profits on a global basis for Fortune 500 and startup organizations. Full accountability for all corporate, development, marketing, strategic, financial (P&L) and operational aspects of running businesses. Proven track record securing over $100 MM in financing for projects and equity (internal and external) to support startup businesses and new business platforms. Experience partnering with and managing investors, shareholders, and Board of Directors.

Janet Gerhard

Insightful and impactful speaker and leader whose instruction helps businesses achieve dynamic results.
Janet has extensive experience transforming the way the organization — from the C-suite to the front lines — understands and manages the customer experience. By analyzing and strategically changing how organizations deal with their customers, Janet has a proven history of success helping clients improve customer loyalty and profitability, thereby driving top-line growth and bottom line results.

Curiosity: Critical to Successful HR Strategy

Curiosity: Critical to Successful HR Strategy

Curiosity has an increasingly important role in business success. And HR is under more pressure than ever to recruit for and create a team, or better yet an organization, of high performing teams capable of adapting to the rapidly changing world around...

An Interview with Janet and Michael

An Interview with Janet and Michael

Michael and Janet share their insights into why "business curiosity" is so important for today's best organizations.  From improving creativity to disrupting the marketplace, this interview is a candid look at Inquizo and how their workshops...

Learned Curiosity

Learned Curiosity Michael shares that curiosity and IQ are not interconnected at a recent workshop.  Learn that there are two types of curiosity, "diverse"  — one that gets the quick answer or is "nice to know", but it doesn't build any real...