Curiosity has an increasingly important role in business success. And HR is under more pressure than ever to recruit for and create a team, or better yet an organization, of high performing teams capable of adapting to the rapidly changing world around them. Why then are most HR professionals struggling? Because they don’t realize, to be successful today, they need to recruit for and nurture curiosity.

While there are many environmental factors inside organizations that impact an individual’s curiosity, very little has been done to help hiring managers identify curious people. Moreover, we see little evidence organizations have done anything to improve curiosity levels across the business.

That is until NOW…we’ve closed this gap.

Innovating for Success

Change is all around us, and the pace of change seems to only be accelerating. The rise of big data and ever evolving technology (including AI) is adding complexity to business that is almost incomprehensible. Fostering innovation is thesingle biggest strategic priority for many executives.

Bain & Company surveyed nearly 450 executives worldwide at enterprises with more than $100 million in revenue. Two-thirds said their companies made innovation one of their top three priorities. Yet less than one-quarter believed their companies were effective innovators, and just one in five said they were strong at “breakthrough” innovation. The importance of innovation at the highest levels of business is undeniable.

So what does curiosity have to do with innovation? One simple formula drives innovation in every company:

Curiosity + Creativity = Innovation

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